Team Seaquester

Team Name: Seaquester
Boat Length: 2.0m
Boat Weight: 25.0kg
Keel Length: 1.5m


The SailBot Team from the United States Naval Academy was formed in 2007 for the purpose of using an exciting, hands-on project to apply the skills developed by undergraduate students in the naval architecture and systems engineering majors. The team's goal is to develop boats to compete in the SailBot International Regatta, World Robotics Sailing Championships and MicroTransat Challenge. To-date the team has launched nine boats; five for racing, three for ocean voyaging and one as a flexible test platform for sails, rigs and electronics. In 2014 the racing boat designed focused on low-cost and low-tech construction while the ocean voyaging boat was built on the maxiMOOP platform, a boat design jointly developed by USNA and Aberystwyth University. The 2-metre long SeaQuester finished second at the SailBot Regatta and the 1.2 metre ABoatTime was accidentally captured in a scallop dragger's net after sailing nearly 400 km.